TotalFinder 1.10.7 coloured tags

Coloured tag are not always displayed, fixed by switching the current view or selecting the file / application per click or “cmd+a”.
However some tags keep disappearing randomly after closing and reopening the finder window.
Seems to happen whenever file/app is not visible in the finder window on opening.

I have the same problem.

This is interesting. I was under impression that 1.10.7 fixed all the remaining issues with colored tags.

Are we talking about List View Mode or Column View Mode? I’d like to reproduce it here. What macOS version do you guys use?

Im using High Sierra 10.13.2, and the problem occurs in Column View Mode.

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In v. 1.10.7 the issue of coloured tags, which I reported in 1.10.5, became even worse than before: coloured strips/tags in List View are still randomly on/off irrespective of the dot, moreover selected colours (indicated by the dots) not alwayd correspond with the colour of the strip (I’ve had yellow dots on blue strips and green dots on grey strips), and on top of this–coloured strips appear to highlight items not selected at all i.e. without a dot; samples are attached (item names in lists are deliberately scrambled) 17

Thanks for the screenshots, I’m going to investigate this tomorrow.

There’s one more thing: saving e.g. MS Word file wipes its tag clean every time you do it. It’s a serious nuissance.

I’m sorry for lack of my response. Haven’t managed to look deeply into this issue yet. I will have next shot at it tomorrow™.

I am having the same issue - very variable colours - constantly change. Would be great if you can fix this. This is one of the features that I value most in total finder

What I’m finding is that colored tags on an ALIAS file are what disappear (sometimes) for me. This was under Mavericks and now on High Sierra (new computer). On High Sierra this seems to be more related to the alias’ tag being lost if the source file/folder is not colored. Once I navigate to the source and apply the color there, THEN create the alias file, color it, and replace the alias in the desired location, the coloring seems to be retained. (I’ve only been doing this for a week so I’m not sure it’s the total fix.) This is both on the Desktop (alias files for files & folders) as well as for alias files inside a folder (viewed in List view).

Both issues should be fixed in 1.10.8:

I’m sorry that it took so long. It was quite difficult to find a solution for those alias files. I ended up reverse engineering Finder and using it’s own routines dealing with color tag detection. Unfortunately the system APIs do not report same values as Finder for alias files.

Hi. I’m new here, but i’m still having this same problem with TF : i’m on High Serra, with last version of TF (i tried an earlier version to see if it would help, but no), and the Word files on my desktop won’t keep their colored labels (the folder on my desktop do). If i open a Word file with a label, and make a change (cut a word, lets say), then the colored label disappears. Any idea how i can fix this? Warm regards. Alex