TotalFinder 1.11.8 Trash

I’m running TotalFinder 1.11.8 on 10.13.6
Clicking on the Trash icon does not open the Trash folder, and clicking on Open when click-hold on the Trash icon does not work either.

I recall that one or two other people reported the same issue. I was unable to reproduce it here.

You can force quit via CMD+OPT+ESC and then launch /Applications/ again, I believe this should fix it.

Hi, I tried that before, and again just now and it doesn’t work.

Does it work with basic without TotalFinder running?

Yes, it works exactly as it should.

What if you follow this gist and reset TotalFinder and Finder plists?

Warning: this will delete your settings and TotalFinder license info

Followed the commands - Finder quit and lost some preferences, TotalFinder retained all its settings, which is somewhat strange.

No difference to Trash.

I have had to reinstall macOS and everything now works correctly!

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