TotalFinder 1.12.3

TotalFinder 1.12.3 is having problems with Catalina.

Despite deactivating SIP, it will not run at all under 10.15.3

So far it went well, so a tip would be good to make it work again!.

Problem solved:
SIP was disabled with Terminal and Cocktail,
after it was removed in Cocktail and only executed in the terminal in recovery mode it runs very well again!

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Restart in Recovery mode. Open Terminal. Run csrutil disable to disable SIP. Install TotalFinder. Reboot. Restart in Recover mode. Open Terminal. Run csrutil enable --without FS --without debug (double – before the the two without statements). Reboot into normal mode. Now you can do updates ot TotalFinder without going through te Recovery/Restart/Recovery routine. When you run csrutil status you should get the following:
System Integrity Protection status: unknown (Custom Configuration).

Apple Internal: disabled
Kext Signing: enabled
Filesystem Protections: disabled
Debugging Restrictions: disabled
DTrace Restrictions: enabled
NVRAM Protections: enabled
BaseSystem Verification: enabled

This is an unsupported configuration, likely to break in the future and leave your machine in an unknown state.

It’s been saying that since macOS 10.12