Totalfinder >= 1.5 grey transitions when navigating folders


I want to report that on my Macbook3,1 with intel x3100 totalfinder version 1.5 and newer have a graphics glitch when navigating folders. I have mac 10.7.5.

Basicly you get a 0,5-1 sec gray panel in the folder space (the white one where are files and folders) that covers everything before showing the contents.

It seems like contents need to wait for TF to load.

I’m attaching a screenshot:
The issue is really annoying on old macs.

Alternatively if the issue is not worth I’m asking what’s the last best performing TF version for Lion and old macs with low graphics.


Please try 1.4.18 and report back:

Thanks, something weird happened.
I’m running the 1.5.5, I disabled tabs and re-enabled them and the issue seems gone!

I’d like to test it some more, because I don’t know if it’s depending on this.

Thanks for now and I’ll report back in a couple of days.

Thank you. These weird random issues are the worst to debug.

Hello, it’happening again. Disabling/re-enabling tabs solve the issues for a while then the issue appears again. This time I noticed that it started after a cut/paste, so maybe that is the trigger.

Anyway it’s certainly connected to tabs. With version 1.4.10 -> 18 the issue doesn’t exist. In fact in the beginning I downgraded to 1.4.10 because it seems to be the best in terms of performance…maybe I’ll stick to that again.