TotalFinder 1.6.16 prevents Search by Name

I am running Yosemite v10.10. After installing TotalFinder 1.6.16 I could no longer search by name reliably in the Finder about 90% of the time. I would enter my search term in the space provided in the Finder window, but the Search by Name box that ordinarily appears below the search input area would flash for a millisecond and then disappear, leaving no opportunity to select such a search. All I was left with was a search for the term inside documents which I didn’t want. If I deleted the last character of the search term the search by name box would reappear, but I could never get to do a search on the full word I wanted to search on. I removed TotalFinder and the search by name function worked properly. I reinstalled TotalFinder 1.6.13, which I had around, and the search by name function works fine.

This appears to be a bug in v1.6.16 to be fixed.



I have the same issue too. Finder itself is working fine.

I have exactly the same problem with 10.0.1

I have the exact same problem. When you enter something in the search bar, you cannot select "name: " below, it disappears.

I am the original poster of this thread. I have installed the recently released v1.6.17. I can report that the Search by Name problem identified in this thread still exists, but it is not as prevalent as under v1.6.16. Under the old version, the problem existed about 90% of the time. Under the newly released version, the problem is much less frequent, perhaps only 25% of the time, but it is still present.


What I just noticed (with 1.6.17):

  • Click the search field and enter text: I don’t see the “Search by Name box”
  • In Finder press CMD-F and enter text: I do see the “Search by Name box”

In addition to that when using CMD-F and typing (for example) "123456"
character “1” --> "search by name box: name 1"
character “2” --> nothing
character “3” --> "search by name box: name 123"
character “4” --> nothing
character “5” --> "search by name box: name 12345"
character “6” --> nothing

When are we going to see a fix for this, I can’t really use it until this is fixed.

Also how do I get 1.6.17, even though I have the pre-released box ticked Total finder keeps saying that 1.6.16 is the latest?

Found 1.6.17 on the website front page! Why doesn’t the preference section recognise that it was available.

It doesn’t fix the problem properly in any case. When you enter search terms the drop down option listed needs to stay down until you hit “return”

Same behavior here with 1.6.17 and Yosemite 10.10.1!

I was going to post my own thread on this issue but I saw I’m not the only one :smile:

I use this feature A LOT to search for documents, not only by name, but also by contents, file type, etc.

We DO need this fixed ASAP!

Any comments from developers?


Any comment from the developer as to when this is going to be fixed?

I’ve found that if you place a Space after your entry you can get the Search by Name box to reappear. Sometimes, you have to do this twice before it will display long enough to allow you to make an entry.


This helps fix the problem, sometimes I have to add 3 or 4 spaces before the drop down to choose “name” sticks. There has been no progress on this nor any new betas for quite a while now. Is this program being actively developed anymore or is it now dead?

Thanks for the feedback and I’m glad it works for you. It would be nice to hear from the developer about this.