TotalFinder 1.7.11 - an update question concerning SIP

I have 1.7.10 installed with SIP enabled (moved TotalFinder.osax to Recovery Partition). Now I want to update to 1.7.11.

Question: Has the TotalFinder.osax changed? If so I have to repeat the procedure of deleting the old .osax within Recovery mode and move the new on to its place. If the .osax remained the same in 1.7.11 I could avoid this work.

Question 2: I cannot find the above mentioned procedure on your website any more. Why is it?

BTW: Installing TotalFinder with SIP staying enabled under 10.11.2 it survived the update to 10.11.3 (combo update)

Thanks for answers


Hi Mike,

Do you mean this installation procedure?

I don’t advertise it on the website, because it is very experimental and rather technical approach.

TotalFinder.osax binary changed, but trivially:

But content of TotalFinder.osax/Content/Resources folder changed a lot, because TotalFinder.bundle is present there.

In future TotalFinder could be redesigned to have TotalFinder.bundle located under /Applications/, so upgrades with SIP enabled would not reinstall TotalFinder.osax,
but only contents of /Applications/

We are considering it, but with current release you have to reinstall it with SIP disabled again.

What I could relatively easily do is to make this bundle path configurable:

So you could load TotalFinder.bundle from a specific location, not necessarily from

Hello Darwin,

Yes, there it is!

oK. I did the install from Recovery again, and it took only a few minutes (booting without SSD :disappointed: took most of the time) even when someone like me isn’t really at home in Terminal.

That is a really clever and very charming idea. I would appreciate it.

What your proposal to make the bundle path configurable is concerned: I must confess that I am quite unsure about the meaning of it. Or to say it clearly: I don’t understand all of it. As far as I understand, it would mean that a user has to make this decision during the installation of the program. I think the by far better solution is to separate the TotalFinde.bundle from the .osax permanently.

Thank you very much for your kind support