TotalFinder 1.7.9 grow over 1GB memory?

Hello there,

After updated TotalFinder to lastest version yesterday. I’m susprised using over 1GB memory if I let the MacBook overnight.

This is really ridiculous issue, please give me further instruction to debug and submit the technical info.


Activity Monitor

May you try to monitor Finder without TF enabled? What’s the difference?

Yes, without TF, it only consume approx 10MB. I tested it.

I have 13 opened tabs with TF and Finder uses 330MB…

Wow, this sucks. I made some changes which probably caused some memory leaks in recent versions.

@Moriarty Assuming you are running under El Capitan, right? I’m on it!

No. I didn’t upgrade to El Capitan yet. Still falling in love with Yosemite 10.10.5, El Capitan sucks…

I have done some tests with v1.7.10 from beta channel, right now under El Capitan. I used Xcode Instruments to see memory leaks during some simple TotalFinder workflows. There are no major leaks. A few small ones, but that might be false positives or Finder leaks. Definitely I don’t see any leaks related to TotalFinder.

But one thing is interesting. I’m able easily achieve 1GB+ memory with basic Finder without TotalFinder running right after a fresh start. I simply open one window (with one native tab) and go to “All My Files” in Icon View mode (I have thumbnails enabled there which is the default setting I guess). Finder eats whooping 1.36GB of memory in my case. Closing the window does not dramatically drop Memory in Activity Monitor, it goes down to 900MB. It looks like Finder is caching some thumbnail data. Because next time I open All My Files it climbs back to 1.36GB, but not higher.

Anyways, I think Yosemite Finder behaves similar way. And explanation to the memory usage you are seeing is simply Finder eating that memory due to your workflows. Visiting one normal folder adds approx. 30MB-50MB. So having several tabs open can sum up to several hundred megs. If Finder is caching thumbnail images in-memory for visited folders (I can imagine it does that only in case there is no memory shortage in your system). You will be gradually adding to that number. Have you visited some huge folder in Icon View Mode?

I am running TotalFinder 1.7.12 on 10.10.5. With two tabs open (in column view) on the Visor, Finder jumps from 16MB to about 450MB when I launch TotalFinder. If I kill TotalFinder and relaunch Finder, Finder uses 16MB again. If I then open a Finder window (in column view) with two tabs, Finder’s memory usage goes up to 39MB.

Launching TotalFinder makes Finder jump to 400MB. Killing TotalFinder has no effect on Finder’s memory footprint until I relaunch Finder.

I find this to be unacceptable, given how little TotalFinder appears to be doing.

What’s your view?