Totalfinder and Dropbox bug

Totalfinder 1.5.2 shutdown when Dropbox 2.4.4 start (Mavericks). Fix please!

Hi, dev-team!
Really sorry, but I can confirm that there’s an issue with TotalFinder and Dropbox. Both of them trying to inject the native Finder, so Dropbox can do this, but TotalFinder can’t launch! Alas! :frowning:
TF 1.6.17 vs Dropbox 2.10.49

P.S. Well, someday they worked together fine! But, something happened wrong! :frowning:
P.P.S. Dropbox made switchable function not to integrate to Finder, but it’s not solved an issue.

I confirm: the problem is still not solved. Free XtraFinder has no such problem. Why? (Yosemite)