TotalFinder anyway to retain more than 1 Finder tab per TotalFinder tab after restart?

Is there any way you can restore the ENTIRE Finder window (ie ALL of the sub tabs (Finder tabs) that were open in it) after a Finder restart or Mac restart?

Specifically the many sub tabs (Finder tabs) that I have open underneath each of the Total Finder tabs.

Just to clarify…
I only have 1 Finder window open.
I may have 5 or 6 TotalFinder Tabs in it [top row of tabs], (and then say 2 or more Finder tabs open underneath EACH of the TotalFinder tabs).
When I restart - all of the TotalFinder tabs are re-created in the Finder Window but all of the (sub-tabs) Finder tabs that I had open underneath each of the TotalFinder tabs are gone (I must recreate them each time)

So I guess my request is this…any way you can have ALL the Finder tabs (sub tabs) for each of my TotalFinder tabs survive a restart / log out?


I hope I was using the correct terminology for the different tabs here.