TotalFinder Breaks when dragged to new TotalSpace

Step1 - Drag TotalFinder into New TotalSpace
Step2 - Result - Failed to move & left Distorted

Would love to buy but not if both products can’t work together.

Thanks for the report, this will be fixed in the next release of TotalSpaces2. Some more testing to do, expect it soon though. (I do realise this was raised some months ago, sorry for the delay)

Any idea when this will be fixed? I am a TotalSpaces user and want to use (and purchase :slight_smile: ) TotalFinder but this bug makes it too difficult to use.

It will be likely fixed early next week. We are going to release new TotalSpaces and TotalFinder on beta channels.

We have just published new TotalSpaces and TotalFinder betas with a fix: