TotalFinder Cmd-X Issues w/ Desktop

Is anyone else having issues with cut/paste moving files to or from the Desktop?
The primary reason that I purchased TotalFinder was to have a viable Cntrl-X shortcut replacement that is taken as part of the fundamental end user operating paradigm in Windows.
Anyway, Cmd-X works perfectly fine, whenever neither the target or source is the Desktop, but when either resource involves ~/Desktop, I don’t get any productive output. Is this an intentional design feature? Is this a bug?

I guess what’s most important to ask, is whether anyone else is experiencing this issue.

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If I right-click Cut / Paste a file from TotalFinder to Desktop it doesn’t work. Also using Ctrl-X / Ctrl-V to the Desktop doesn’t work either. If I open up a tab to the Desktop and paste then it does work.

So yes, in answer to your question, I am having the same problem.

TotalFinder 1.8.2 + macOS Sierra

I’m still having this issue. I’m not sure if this is a bug or not in the way the Desktop is handled in Finder when it’s actually being accessed, it may not be able to pass a target location to TotalFinder to make the Cut/Paste happen.

Note, this only occurs when ~/Desktop is the target. Cmd-X as Cut-Paste works perfectly fine when ~/Desktop is the source.

Thanks for bringing this up. I’m going to look into this tomorrow. Should be easy to fix.

This was an issue under Sierra. Please test TotalFinder 1.9.5:

That’ll do. Looking forward to the full release. May your travels amidst the high coding seas be free from hydras.

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A long-time TF user here, can’t live without it. Thank you all who worked to make the difficult SIP transition possible!

I’m experiencing a similar issue, not sure if it’s the same as the original post. TF 1.9.3 works fine in my MacBook Pro with macOS 10.12.5, but any version above that crashes when I move files to or from the Desktop. I then have to force quit TF and the moved files actually show up in the regular Finder window, and when I relaunch TF they are there as well. This happens every time I perform this action.

I have since uninstalled any beta version and I’m back to 1.9.3 which works just fine for me.

I did a search here, but couldn’t find matching results – am I the only one experiencing this issue?

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I’m also having the same issue with using cut/paste to the desktop. Makes TotalFinder crash all the time. Funny thing is that it only happens on my wife’s MacBook Pro, but not mine.

Both MacBooks are running MacOS X Sierra, and TotalFinder 1.9.3.

Temporary solution, I told her to not use the cut/paste to the desktop for the time being.