TotalFinder Confusion

Initially, I would like to apologize for what I am about to ask. However, I am unable to arrive at at clear understanding after reading about using TotalFinder with el capitan.

I just recently converted to OS X from Windows and learned the Apple file manager sort of sucks --IMO. After reading, etc., I settled on purchasing TotalFinder, but then learned of the problems with el capitan.

Yes, I am aware it will run with modification, but I am unsure if disabling the integrity aspect is wise–given my very, very limited knowledge/experience with OS X.

After reading the forums I am unable to ascertain if TotalFinder will eventually be “fixed” or will it remain a no-SIP or nothing decision.

I appreciate your time.

You’re not alone, there’s a lot of confusion around the state of TotalFinder/TotalSpaces and I’ve been working to help resolve that.

I was working on better documentation and an improved installation process, but then I went down another road that I hope will completely work around System Integrity Protection on OS X 10.11 El Capitan and later. I will certainly announce when there’s something to share.

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To not2oblique . . . understand your concern as someone new to the OSX environment. From a background of decades of business use of the Mac through it’s operating systems. I grew addicted to TotalFinder long before Apple released OSX 10.11.x a year ago, so was disappointed then to learn of SIP. I bit the bullet and disabled SIP long ago and have been watching for negative repercussions ever since. So far, nada. I personally have no qualms about using the latest TotalFinder with SIP disabled under 10.11.5. Go for it.


THANK YOU very much for taking time from your efforts to reply.

Now I know. I will purchase TotalFinder as soon as I finish responding to you and filches cat.

Be well…

filches cat,

Thank for your note.

I have seriously considered disabling SIP, but is so much conflicting information.

At any rate, I believe I will making the leap in just a few minutes.