TotalFinder corrupted after icon change. How do you change the icon then?

So I took the tip from here: to change the TotalFinder Finder icon. After that, TotalFinder won’t launch anymore and console says it’s because “shell is corrupted”

I will reinstall TotalFinder, since it will fix the launching, but I still want to know how I’ll be able to change the finder icon. I have done it before, but for the life of me can’t remember how I did it. I just did a reinstall of Mavericks and it reset a lot of customised icons back to normal. I managed to change them all, even the Finder icon, but as soon as I launch TotalFinder I get the old Finder icon.

Any help is much appreciated!

Well, it has been resolved. I changed all Finder icons, and .png’s I could find. Restarted the Mac and it now works. I wish there was an easier way to it though :wink:

Well, this check is quite recent. I had to add it because some cracked TotalFinder versions caused continuous Finder crashes under Mavericks.

So is there any way to change the icon? I ran into the same error with TotalTerminal when trying to update the icon to the new Terminal icon from Yosemite.

I’m open to change signing requirements and allow resources to be modified by users. Unfortunately it would require some research of “codesign requirements” to allow it selectively:

I’m using codesign the simplest way - to sign whole archive and not allowing any modifications.

If you have time, a patch would be welcome.