TotalFinder crashing and not starting on login on 10.8.5

Since I updated my MacBook Pro to 10.8.5, TotalFinder doesn’t start up on login even though it’s in my login items. It’s also been crashing a lot, like every minute. Everything was working fine on 10.8.4 so I’m not sure what happened.

Here’s a crash report:

Hi. You have 1.4.18. Unfortunately from the crash report I don’t see the reason why it crashed.

Please install 1.4.27 from beta channel. And we will see.

Also you may try to backup and remove preferences plist. Your crash looks similar to this report:

I tried both of these things to no avail.

Here’s a new crash report:

It crashes right after I log in.

I think I’ve found the problem. If I pause the syncing of Google Drive, it doesn’t crash. I think it might of been Finder that was crashing actually.