TotalFinder crashing since last update

The title pretty much says it all: TotalFinder has been crashing a lot - on startup, and randomly several times a day - since I updated to the latest version.

Am I the only one?

Do you see TotalFinder crash reporting dialog when it crashes? Did you share some crash report?

Most of the time, no crash report dialog pops up. However, one did today (on startup), and I submitted it. It’s this one:

I’ve had a couple of crashes since updating to 1.4.30 - have now disabled on my iMac but will persevere on the MBA.

Yes the TotalFinder version 1.5.2 is constantly crashing, for me as of October 25, also, it would not start at start-up even though it is designated as one of the start-up items, no crash report dialog at all.

Since the upgradeTotalFinder version 1.5.2 is constantly crashing for me to.
It may be related to the Maverick Mac OS upgrade.

Ah, please send me crash reports to or paste them here. They can be found in -> User Diagnostics Reports -> Finder_*

Just wanted to say that TotalFinder is no longer crashing for me, especially since I upgraded to Mavericks. Hope others’ problems have been solved this way too.