TotalFinder disappears

I first tried TotalFinder and bought it just now. Ever since I bought it, TotalFinder disappears when I click another application window. I have to click the Finder icon to make it re-appear. How can I prevent TotalFinder from disappearing into the dock?

Thanks for purchasing. This looks like your TotalFinder (or Finder) crashing and restarting.

Could you open -> User Reports and look for recent Finder_date_machine.crash files? There might be some recent crash which could tell us more. You can send it to if you are not comfortable sharing it here.

Last crash file is dated before the purchase of ToTalFinder.
I noticed TotalFinder slides into the dock. That doesn’t seem like a crash to me, does it?

Aha, so you enabled the Visor feature:

Please disable it in preferences. btw. I’ve seen a bug where disabling Visor won’t actually close Visor window, Finder restart was needed (force quit Finder via CMD+OPT+ESC and then launch /Applications/ again).