TotalFinder displays the nanoseconds for APFS


is it possible to display APFS nanoseconds on macOS with TotalFinder? The APFS file system supports nanoseconds for iOS and macOS, but in Finder there is no way to use a time format that displays it.

I am looking for such a time format.

`2021-03-16 10:38:01.134380476

I’m afraid this is out of scope of TotalFinder.

Do you know if there is even an API in macOS current version to get the nanoseconds from file system APFS?

Is there generally a software (GUI) on macOS that shows files and directories the nanoseconds?

I have tried with stat command in Terminal but it does not show. Only the seconds.

stat -f %Fm works for me[1]

not aware of any GUI apps


stat -f %Fm
This command displays the nanoseconds in a different time format. So without the years, months, days etc… as users know it everyday.