Totalfinder does not autostart

After upgrading to High Sierra total finder does not start on startup. Do not see it as an option in preferences. Am i not seeing it?

Did you reninstall TotalFinder? It gets wiped out from the system during High Sierra update.

Yes I did reinstall. It runs fine after starting it from apps folder but on restart totalfinder does not auto start I have to manually start it every time.

same here, but with Sierra
TF is in list of apps opening after start but in fact, it won’t start, have to start it manually
I did restore from TM backup on new machine, incl. disabling of SIP and enabling it back after install/restore

Could you please double-check that the is really present in Login Items?

What happens if you manually remove it and add /Applications/ again? Does it fix the issue?

Thanks darwin that absolutely worked. It was missing from startup items and just needed to be added.

I did double check, it was in login items, just to be sure, I removed it from login items and put back, with same result, after restart it does not start automatically.

Can you please open /Applications/Utilities/ and observe TotalFinder messages after startup? Hint: you can filter the list by “Finder” keyword.

I think there might be some other app/utility restarting after TotalFinder injects. In this scenario TotalFinder does not try to re-inject again.