Totalfinder focuses to the first tab when I minimize it


When I minimize Totalfinder, and I have multiple tabs open, it sometimes focuses on the first tab when I open Totalfinder again. It doesn’t show this behaviour all the time though, so it’s hard to say when exactly it starts doing it.

I’m using Totalfinder 1.6, and I’m on OSX 10.9.3


I have the same problem but found it only happens when:
-The Finder window is hidden behind another application
-I switch to a different space
-I click the Finder icon on the dock and it jumps back to that space, brings it forward and focuses on the first tab

If the window is on top and I switch spaces it keeps focus on the last used tab like it should. This is definitely a new behavior as it used to always give focus to the previous tab no matter what.

OSX 10.9.2
TotalFinder 1.6

Found out the same. But it should not happen, when I click the dock icon.

When I click the minimized preview icon, it goes to the right tab. Should be the same to the finder dock icon.


I experience the same. Nomatterwhat: clicking the dock icon or a shortcut, hiding or minimizing. It is really annoying. Is it going to be fixed?

This is so annoying that i almost get the wrong tab (and not the last activated one).
I can´t use them!

Tabs are useless until this bug is out of the house.