TotalFinder: Folders on top bug

Hi there,

I’m test driving TotalFinder and I’ve noticed a couple of things out of place when opening a folder with a ton of audio files (2,434 to be exact):

  1. Folders on top seems not to want to work in this folder, although it does work in this folder’s subfolder that have much less loose files.

  2. There’s an option when viewing this same folder in Windows Explorer in details mode called “length”, wherein Windows Explorer displays the total time of the audio files in the folder and then lets you sort accordingly. I can’t remember if the standard OSX Finder has anything like this, is there any option in TotalFinder?

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Ah, for performance reasons I disable sorting when there is 1000+ files in the folder

You can change the limit by changing TotalFinderFoldersOnTopSortingLimit in


Execute this line in and then restart Finder+TotalFinder:

defaults write TotalFinderFoldersOnTopSortingLimit 1000000

I should indicate this visually somehow as an overlay on top of the view or something. Adding to my TODO list.

as of #2, I see it could be useful but I don’t think Finder has something like this. I don’t plan to implement it at this point.

Works, thanks much.