TotalFinder for [⌘+#] Like in Chrome

If I want to jump to the 3rd tab from 8th tab in Chrome, for example, I can do [⌘+3]. In Finder, such hotkey only changes the viewing option which I rarely use. TotalFinder is using [control+#] to imitate such feature, but it is just not convenient pulling my fingers back and forth. Is there a way to use [⌘+#] for the such a feature in TotalFinder?

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I have just implemented this feature, because it wasn’t hard to do.

Since next version 1.6.10, you will be able to set hidden plist tweak to change TotalFinder’s behaviour:

defaults write com.binaryage.totalfinder TotalFinderCmdNumTabSwitching -bool yes

To disable it

defaults delete com.binaryage.totalfinder TotalFinderCmdNumTabSwitching

After changing this, you have to restart Finder+TotalFinder (CMD+OPT+ESC).


TotalFinder 1.6.10 is out:

Thanks for the prompt reply and feature upgrade. It works great.

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Hi – Today I found myself looking for this answer again, after reinstalling my system.

I would like to recommend having a tickbox somewhere in TF’s preferences to enable/disable this very useful feature.

Sure, I’ll look into adding this as a checkbox or setting.

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