TotalFinder freeze and edit issues

Running the latest Mavericks. Been having some issues with TotalFinder which, for now, I’ve gone to Mavericks built-in tabbed Finder. TF has, on occasion, been giving me the spinning beachball requiring a restart. Also, one annoying issue has been the inability, at times, to edit the name of a file. Clicking once and then again in the filename still will not allow me to edit the name. I’m associating this issue with TF as I can’t think of what else it would be. With TF uninstalled, I’ll keep an eye on this issue, but the TF freeze isn’t very welcome at all.

I am having the same issue. It seems to hang on closing folders, occasionally on clicking a file once for quick view, and dragging files to copy and/or move to another directory.

I think these weird issues are related to my new Folders On Top code. Sometimes it gets into infinite loop by continuously triggering folder redisplay (it is not blinking it just hangs).

Do you remember. Did you have folders on top enabled?

That I do not remember. I removed TF to see if issues continue but have not done much housekeeping lately. I have had some delays with finder only at times not releasing dropped files and some slow reads of directories. Am waiting until my next big drag and drop cataloguing session and will report. If things are normal then I will reinstall TF and see what happens

Wel… I reinstalled TF last week and have not seen the same behavior but I also have not had any intense ‘organizing files/folders’ sessions either… But what I did find and suspect this was the problem is this…
A while back WD issued a bulletin about its WD Smartware causing SOME WD Books to loose data when updating to Mavericks. I updated to Mavericks before getting the bulletin but did not loose any data (phew!) The bulletin suggested removing WD Smartware, then update/grade to Mavericks and NOT re-install WD Smartware until WD investigated the problem and posted a Smartware update. As I said I had no problems when I upgraded but to be on the safe side I removed Smartware anyway. During this time, somewhere in there I began having the problem listed above. After removing TF I had some sessions of file organization and the problem persisted. Even had the closing of folders delay and quick view delays… I thought this strange until I realized I was using my 3 attached MyBooks and the WD Smartware software was not installed. I had received an update notice from WD a while back but things being what they are I did not update/reinstall the Smartware software. So I DL’ed Smartware and installed the Mavericks comparable package and waited a bit to see if I still had problems. Things seemed OK so I reinstalled TF and updated to the latest version. Everything still seems to be functioning OK so I wanted to report that here. The only oddity was the above problem was not unique to only the WD Books meaning it would crop up at times when accessing my SSD boot drive or other drives in my system. As of now things seem to be running well so I hope this helps you!

PS - Folders on top is NOT enabled… :smile: