TotalFinder Functionality in 3rd Party Apps

Would it be possible to add the Total Finder functionality to finder windows that are opened within another app? For instance, when saving or accessing files from within Pages, Numbers, Keynote, Adobe Reader etc., the finder window that opens does not seem to be organised or controlled by the Total Finder app. Columns do not automatically adjust to the longest file name, Folders are not automatically listed at the top of the folder contents etc. None of the settings I’ve enabled in Total Finder seem to apply to finder windows opened from within a third party application.

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Oh yes … I like this suggestion!

I too have found it annoying to not have the sorting features and auto column widths for in program finder dialogue windows.


I’m voting for this as well!
Every time I need to work with files from the third-party apps - very frustrating.

I would also like to see that.
Does anybody know how Mac OS Sierra changes folder icons in the Finder sidebar to generic, and how it greyscales everything in the sidebar? I still see that happening with the Finder browse window that an application will use when loading or saving a file.

Yes please