Totalfinder "grabs" Space


The last or maybe the last two versions of Totalfinder have a strange and unwanted behavior:

Lets assume I have a Finder Window open on Space 3 (of course running with Totalfinder). Now when moving vom Space 1 to Space 2 (via Trackpad) then the System will automatically move on to Space 3, where there is the Finder Window open. It seems like I did do two gestures for moving between the Spaces, but I did only one.

It can also happen when moving from Space 5 to Space 4, the System will automatically move on to Space 3. But it happens either when moving from 1 to 2 or from 5 to 4. So if it happens from 1 to 2 it will not happen from 5 to 4 and vice versa. At least this are my observations.

I have this behavior on 2 Computers, (iMac and MB Pro Retina) both running on Mavericks 10.9.1. My TotalFinder version is 1.5.15, but I am pretty sure that this did already happen with the previous version.

I hope that this can be fixed asap, because it is extremely annoying.

Hi, I’ve got it confirmed from Stephen. I’m going to test this and find a solution for 1.5.18 release.

I have just published 1.5.18 with the fix:

The changelog is here:

Thanks for pointing it out. It was caused by my new code trying to fight Finder’s own bug. When you CMD+TAB to with single window opened on some other space, it does not get focused, instead the Finder’s desktop window is focused after space switch. This is pretty annoying but it is original Finder behaviour and TotalFinder simply inherits it.

Cool, thank you for your fast response. If I notice any bug about this I will keep you informed.

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