Totalfinder has quit unexpectedly dialog


I recently upgraded my machine from Yosemite to Mojave. TotalFinder is up to date and working fine; I have a number of windows with a number of tabs/window.

I get the “Totalfinder has quit unexpectedly” fairly often and clicking the “Prepare Email” button produces a very long dialog about how it cannot send a log to github. But TotalFinder (and the regular Finder) are still running!

Any idea what’s going on and how I can stop that dialog box from coming up?

I would be interested in the crash reports, you can find them via -> Crash Reports in the left sidebar and find some recent related to Finder. Please send it to

To get rid of the crash watcher, in, run this command:

defaults write com.binaryage.totalfinder TotalFinderDoNotLaunchCrashWatcher -bool yes

To enable it again:

defaults delete com.binaryage.totalfinder TotalFinderDoNotLaunchCrashWatcher

Then in Activity you can quit which is currently running.