TotalFinder installed with SIP - Folders not on top

I purchased TotalFinder so that I could show folders on top of file listings. After installing it with disabling SIP, that function is not operating. In preferences, there is no TotalFInder preference tab either. What do you think is wrong?

Please open and launch /Applications/ again. Please observe errors in the Console -> All Messages (and maybe filter them with “Finder” keyword)

Results from Console:
3/22/16 3:31:38.403 PM iconservicesagent[359]: -[ISGenerateImageOp generateImageWithCompletion:] Failed to composit image for descriptor <ISBindingImageDescriptor: 0x7fe19940c400>.
3/22/16 3:31:38.404 PM quicklookd[501]: Error returned from iconservicesagent: (null)
3/22/16 3:31:43.193 PM[1]: ( Service only ran for 4 seconds. Pushing respawn out by 6 seconds.
3/22/16 3:31:44.747 PM SpotlightNetHelper[404]: tcp_connection_tls_session_error_callback_imp 8 __tcp_connection_tls_session_callback_write_block_invoke.434 error 22
3/22/16 3:31:51.095 PM TotalFinder[508]: agent v1.7.12 started (TotalFinder)
3/22/16 3:31:51.095 PM TotalFinder[508]: TotalFinder: System Integrity Protection is enabled. Warn user and exit.
3/22/16 3:31:54.473 PM[1]: ( Service only ran for 5 seconds. Pushing respawn out by 5 seconds.

In addition (this medium will not take a screen shot) of the Preferences which does not have a tab for TotalFinder in it.

When I launch TotalFinder, a large message window appears which says:
“System Integrity Protection is active
OSX 10.11 (ElCapitan) introduced …” with 3 buttons, one of which is labeled “Uninstall TotalFInder.”

So will TotalFInder list folders on top of a Finder window on my Mac?

Hey Edward,

You need to follow these steps to partially disable System Integrity Protection on 10.11 so TotalFinder can run:

Upon installation of the TotalFInder, I did follow those instructions exactly. Then I reinabled the protection.

Hey Edward,

In order to re-enable SIP, TotalFinder actually needs to be installed in a different location. /System/Library/ScriptingAdditions instead of /Library/ScriptingAdditions. We’re working on an updated installer which can do this for you, but in the meantime, here are the full technical instructions: