TotalFinder Integration Problem (High Sierra)



i did also checked on my work, (ols imac 2011 updated to high sierra) it works like it should be.

But on my macbook 2017 with a fresh instal, every folder opens in a new window (if i double ckik a folder on a desktop for example)
(if i click on a folder in totalfinder, it just opens in that window)

so can somone help to solve this mistery ?


This is puzzling. Can you observe any difference between old machine and new machine when clicking on problematic folders in basic Finder only?


unfortunly no, I don’t see any difference except any folder I click opens in a new window on the new machine, on the old it opens in a new tab.

(clicking folders from the side bar or in the total finder viewer just opens that folder in the same window on both machines)


and with the new update, the problem is solved, works like before ! :+1:t2: