TotalFinder Integration Problem (High Sierra)

There is a mixture of TotalFinder and Finder tabs after update/install TotalFinder in High Sierra:

Followed the installation procedure:

  • Disabled SIP: csrutil disable, reboot
  • Installed TotalFinder
  • Enabled SIP: csrutil enable, reboot

still seems like it is not fully integrated with finder as I can still see finder tabs (see photo)

I have uninstalled and installed a couple of times. I have installed the pre-release version now but the problem still exists.

This is by design. I don’t make any attempts to disable/remove native Finder tabs functionality. By the way they were added to Finder after TotalFinder’s tabs were implemented.

I assume you opened those native tabs by accident. To close native tabs please use the “x” button in the tab title, or in the Main Menu -> File -> Close Native Tab. When you close native tabs one by one, then with the last one the native tab UI “disappears” and you can continue using TotalFinder with TotalFinder’s tabs only.

CMD+T opens TotalFinder’s tab
CMD+OPT+T opens a native tab

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i also have a question about this.

I use it for a while now, no problem on my old iMac (updated from lion to mountain lion ext. ext to high Sierra

when I have open 1 finder window (let say downloads), and I open from the dock as example programs (to open in finder window) I have a new tab next to the total finder tab.

now I have a new macbook, delivered with high Sierra.
when I do the same as above, the window is open in the native tabs not that one from total finder.

How can I use it like the old iMac?

I open from the dock as example programs (to open in finder window)
Can you be more specific how you exactly do that?

I works for me under High Sierra as you described it should work. I just tested opening folders from Dock (by first dragging a folder into dock and then using Dock for browsing that folder and opening another folders in Finder).

I’ve tried uninstalling, remove all plists I can find, reinstalling, all the same result.

Can you help me for a solution ?

Could you record a screencast (or give me a few screenshots) what are you exactly doing with the Dock and TotalFinder? Maybe you are clicking something else than I do.

i will,
(it is not really dock related, also on mounted shares or hdd from the desktop.)

if you double click on the hdd, and after that double click on a mounted share or folder on the desktop, 1 get one total finder tab with underneath 2 finder tabs, (not the 2 total finder tabs I get on my iMac)

first open 1 (doen’t Mather which folder)
Then 2: open ssd from dektop (result in a new tab in Mac finder)
with 3: click on the open folder shortcut
by 4: opens a 3th finder window.

with non of them opens a second total finder window as on my iMac does

have you any idea ?

I just tried to reproduce it here on my machine and it works as expected. All folders get opened in TotalFinder tabs not in Finder’s native tabs.

Could you please run this script and send me your report back?

I will look at your totalfinder plist, maybe there is some hidden tweak or something causing this.

I’m also trying to solve it from here, I think I found the solution.

In system settings under “dock” there is a another option, " open documents in tabs" with a pull down menu for " always" , “only in full screen” and “never”

it was on always (sounds logic) now I placed it on “only in full screen” and it works like is should.

As I tough it needed to be a setting as it works on my other iMac and also no one else had this problem.

thank you in advance for your feedback

Oh my gosh, thank you for asking this question @morphf and thank you for answering @darwin! I asked basically the same question in Open all new folders as TotalFinder tabs and I finally have my answer!

For what it’s worth, setting “Prefer tabs when opening documents” to “Manually” works too. Anyway, @darwin and @stephen, I think this information is worth adding to your support documents.

Wow. This must be something new. I didn’t know this existed.

Great detective work @morphf. Thanks!

@PatrickF Good point, I have just updated TotalFinder’s web page about tabs:

@darwin no problem, but after your latest update I have a nother strange thing.

when I open a window (total finder) and open another window (total finder) 1 got 2 windows with both one tab of the open window, not 2 tabs in one window.

any suggestion?

Can you be more specific? How exactly do you open the windows? (keyboard shortcuts, mouse, external app)

I don’t hear from people that something about opening windows changed recently…

just double click on 2 folders on desktop, or in downloads

tried to change settings in dock, finder and total finder, but unfortunately no success, did a new install same behavior, so I did a restore from backup, also no luck.

someone any suggestions left ?

I tried to reproduce it briefly. But was unable to. All seems to work as expected here.

Have you tried to trash TotalFinder and Finder plists?


I tried that as well, but no luck :cry:

@darwin can I make a log or a live action to view for you ?
i have no idea where and how to search next