TotalFinder Lite?

Hi @akemin_dayo

Unfortunately, due to the requirement of another software, I have had to re-enable SIP on my M3 MacBook Pro. So now I am out of luck with TotalFinder. Very sad.

It occurs to me that some other programs (e.g., Dropbox, OneDrive) are able to make certain modifications to Finder without the need to disable SIP.

There are only two features of TotalFinder that I rely on: colored labels and auto column sizing. I’ve managed to create a workaround for column sizing using Keyboard Maestro. But there is none for colored labels and I find it very disruptive to my workflow to live without it.

My question: Is there any possibility of creating a “TotalFinder Lite” that contains whatever features can be implemented without SIP disable? My hope would be that auto column size and especially colored labels would fall into that group.

I realize this would create another development fork for you. I would gladly pay again, and even more, for such a version.

Thanks for considering!