TotalFinder not loading on Sierra

I’ve been having problems for the last week or so with TotalFinder. Sometimes it loads at startup, then disappears. Sometimes it simply doesn’t load. However, in both instances, If I load it manually it works and usually continues to work until I shut down. When I restart the iMac the problem starts again. I’ve disabled SIP, uninstalled TotalFinder then restarted the iMac before re-installing. Then enabled SIP again, but still the problem persists. I recently had a similar problem with TotalSpaces and the procedure I’ve described seems to have cured the problem with that app.

Any thoughts?

iMac 21" 2017
MacOS Sierra 10.12.6
TotalFinder v 1.11.18

Isn’t Finder (with TotalFinder) crashing for some reason? When there is a Finder crash, system silently restarts Finder and TotalFinder is not automatically started again.

You could try to run my script and send me the report back to, I would take a look:

Thanks for the suggestion of a Finder crash. I’ve sent the report file as you requested, but in the meantime I’ve checked on apps I’ve recently added. The last one was pCloud Drive. I removed it from the startup menu and now TotalFinder loads at startup. That may have been the culprit.