TotalFinder not loading on startup

TotalFinder hasn’t been loading on startup for some time now. The only way I can get it to run is to go into TotalFinder Preferences and disable and re-enable Visor. I’ve tried clean installing TotalFinder, but it didn’t help. I’ve also made sure TF and TotalTerminal are at the top of my Login items, so it’s not a timing issue. I’m running v1.6.12 on OS X 10.9.5. Any help much appreciated. Thanks.

Hi, loading TF on startup is fixed since 1.6.13. Please install the latest beta:

The problem with visor settings is mysterious and I still don’t have a solution. Looking to reimplement whole settings subsystem for next release to annihilate that nasty bug once for all.

Thanks darwin. I’m not noticing any difference at startup, because the only indication I have of TF running is whether or not visor works. Anyway, I’ll wait for the next release.

By the way, I’m now finding that not even TotalTerminal is loading on startup :frowning: I’m running v1.5.4

It’s not a huge deal, as the benefits of using TF and TT far outweigh the few seconds it takes to get them running every time I restart, so I won’t bother posting something in the TT forum, but an eventual fix would be great :slight_smile: