TotalFinder on a Hackintosh system

Hi There,
Question, has anyone used TotalFinder on a Hackintosh system?
and what are your experiences with a Hacintosh & Uttils like TotalFinder in general?

Big thx


Hi, I’m afraid that intersection between TotalFinder users, Hackintosh users and people visiting this forum is so tiny that you won’t get any answers anytime soon.

In general I think TotalFinder should work because I don’t think there are any modifications to in Hackintosh. Also I expect SIP to be disabled there.

Hello there! I am just such a person. :grinning:

TotalFinder has worked flawlessly on my hack for many, many years. I love TF and feel it is an essential part of my system. So much in fact that I’ve waited to update my system in the past until I could get TF to work.

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Thx for the reply… good to know (long time real-live experiences)