TotalFinder on MacOS 10.15 Catalina

Hi, is there any update for TotalFinder compatibility with MacOS Catalina?

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I found that by giving privacy access in Security & Privacy --> Accessibility and Input Monitoring make the TotalFinder work again without any crash. But the TF preferences still not working.

Yes. I confirm. I’m going to look into that during next week and release a new beta version with potential fixes.

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Other than TF Preferences not working, it seems to be working fine in Catalina 10.15 beta (19A487i). I’m running csrutil enable --without debug --without fs and so far, no problems.

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I just installed Catalina Public Beta. TotalFinder loads but it seems to make Finder a bit unstable where I frequently get the spinning beachball.

I’m running Catalina Public Beta.
Every time when I start Totalfinder, it crashes with a window, to send a report.

I can confirm this.

Is there a solution to run TotalFinder on mac os catalina?

Not yet. Working on it.

I’ve just released TotalFinder 1.12.0 with initial compatibility with Catalina:

Please give it a spin.


Thank you very much, Darwin.

Does this version still need SIP to be disabled?

Yes, same as Mojave. The system is also asking for several new permissions during install.

I’ve noticed crashes with Total Finder when switching from the new iOS device sync tab back to a normal tab or folder in Finder. is there a workaround or fix in progress?

I wasn’t aware of this crash. Did you confirm that it is not happening without TotalFinder running? I would try to reproduce it here on my Catalina machine.

seems to happen only after a Sync is performed on a device.

Sync > Switch Tab > Crash

no crashes when Finder is running by itself, but consistently crashes when Total Finder is running.

TotalFinder 1.12.0 is having problems with 10.15 Catalina. It doesnt refresh or take another look at my Disk Space when i remove or removed and empty trash. It doesnt refresh the free space left of my hard drive. If you need some logs or anything welcome to ask here or send me a question.