TotalFinder "Open with" stop working in the visor (Maveriks 10.9.5 and TF 1.6.12)

I’m having this problem after updating to TotalFinder 1.6.12:

If I select a file in the Visor and I choose “File>Open with” it works just the first time in each tab. When I repeat the operation “File>Open with” it doesn’t even show the Apps to open with.

After killing TotalFinder and restarting Finder, I can “Open with” as many times as I try.

As soon as I launch TotalFinder again I can “open-with” just once in that tab.

It is interesting this behavior disappears if I keep open other Finder window besides the visor, but I’m used to live just with the Visor and this other Finder window bothers me.

I can still use the “open with” at the contextual menu instead of “File>Open with” but the real pain here is that I have a wonderful shortcut to “Open with MacVim” which has also stop working because of this visor problem.

Is anyone experiencing this?