TotalFinder Opening Minimized Windows

I’m having an issue with TotalFinder under Yosemite. When I minimize a finder window and continue working, I’m unable to reopen the existing window by clicking on the Finder icon in the dock. I need to right-click on Finder and then select the window in order to make it reappear from the dock. This was not an issue with TotalFinder in previous versions of OSX.

TotalFinder Version: 1.6.7
OSX Version: 10.10.3

Modified Dock Preferences

  • “Minimize windows into application icon” is enabled
  • When this setting is turned off, I am able to recall the minimized window without issue.

Diagnostic steps taken:

  • Uninstalled TotalFinder
    • While uninstalled, Finder is able to restore from a minimized state properly
    • Upon reinstallation, the issue re-presents itself, isolating the issue to TotalFinder

I realize that someone will likely answer with “Stop minimizing windows into their dock icon”, but due to my workflow and the fact that this worked in prior versions of TotalFinder, I’d prefer to see this previously supported configuration re-implemented.



Hi Sean,

Please install the latest beta, it has been fixed there: