TotalFinder standalone app

Hi dev team, why don’t you release a standalone version of TotalFinder (not integrated in finder) the same way other finder alternatives do (Commander One, Pathfinder etc…)

TF has the absolute best interface and I understand that MacOS is becoming super painful to get a full integration. I think you will find that many people will be willing to pay for a standalone totalfinder app especially if it does not requires to turn off SIP. That will also make it much easier to maintain

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I seriously considered this idea several times but dismissed it. Standalone alternatives already exist and are pretty good. The whole point of TotalFinder was that you don’t lose Finder functionaly, just add some extra features on top.


Agree, I love TF as an integrated Finder however there are 2 VERY annoying issues

  1. Disabling SIP is very annoying because you lose native iOS apps on M1 macs
  2. It seems like every update is making it harder and harder for you guys to maintain functionality

Separately, I think you also lose customers who are not tech savvy enough to disable SIP

And finally, believe me TotalFinder is WAY better than any other standalone alternative. Clean UI, UX, key functionality etc… I just can’t get myself to use other apps (Pathfinder being the closest but still not as good as TF)

Maybe others can give their opinion so that you can get more info. If it’s not too hard to port to a standalone app, my vote would be to do so

Agree in every point.

Agry with @mortalcombat

i’m willing to pay for a standalone version

As mentioned by @darwin, Standalone versions already exist, and some may prove to be useful to other users. However, the point to TotalFinder was to ADD functionality to Finder, not replace the interface altogether.

  1. I agree disabling SIP is annoying, but the purpose is to hook into that native Finder function, as if TF came with macOS. Mostly works, sometimes not, (not working for me, OCLP post-install root patch compatibility issue).

  2. When it comes to security and updates, a lot can play a factor. Unlike iOS, where Apple’s side mission is to kill the jailbreak scene, macOS fairs better only in the aspect that the issue coming from updates is targeting hardware compatibility and functionality. Mobile security takes precedence typically.

Just by visiting TotalFinder’s site, I can agree that maybe it can be labeled easier for people to read about the system tweaks under the download button, but, for the most part, TotalFinder is going to be for power users. Meaning, the everyday user really won’t or shouldn’t mess with things they don’t know anything about.

Not saying people can’t learn, we all started somewhere. Just be prepared to take those hits in the world of developmental troubleshooting. :+1:


If you want a stand-alone product have a look at Qspace now at V3 , actively developed and most of the nice things TF had. The Apple Store version is hindered because of sandboxing but you can easily upgrade to the full function version.


How can I see the side bar on both the panes in Qspace like Total finder? @Recuerom

I could not see an option for dual sidebars, I use dual pane with one sidebar. Drop the developer a suggestion; I think he is running out of enhancements !!

Version V3.1.2.002 (207) of the Qspace beta cycle now includes dual sidebar , note it works only for NEW spaces so you would need to recreate two get 2 panes. Tick both sidebar on left and right

You need to switch to beta or wait till next month.