TotalFinder status under OS X 10.11 (El Capitan)

i notice that when expanding DMG - the tool bar is not completely visible - when checking Complete TAB disable it returns OK. this occurs only when installing an update.

Any news about timeline to get a first working version of Total Finder under El Capitan GM

@odhez depends on your definition of “working version”, the latest beta should work under El Capitan GM with disabled System Integrity Protection.

The latest beta[1] does not have all the functionality of TotalFinder under Yosemite, because I wasn’t able to reimplement them or it would be too much effort. I’m sorry.

This blogpost summarises it:


Many thanks darwin for the answer.
I tried to find after reboot on El Capitan GM version the System Integrity Protection menu, but it’s seem that it’s not anymore available.
Do you confirm it ?

@odhez they just removed it from GUI recently, please follow this post: TotalSpaces2 status under OS X 10.11 (El Capitan)

Here’s my story: I installed beta (don’t remember which one) on a second partition. Was able to remove the system integrity protection from that installation.

Never used it much.

When El Capitan GM went out I upgraded my main Yosemite installation to El Capitan GM. I didn’t have to do anything, TF is working perfectly.

It is unnecessary to completely disable the rootless. You can disable partially to run TotalFinder. I’ve executed csrutil enable --without debug command after I’d completely disabled it. This command ensures that you can fully utilise from the rootless except code injection protection. You may check which protections are enabled with csrutil status command.

Finally, please keep up the good work for El Capitan. It’s still working without code injection protection. That, I can live without.

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Has anyone here tried XtraFinder? I know posting this on BinaryAge’s forums is probably frowned upon, but with all of the talk of Pathfinder (unusable coming from TF as far as I am concerned), I figure this is probably a better recommendation. I just found via Googling “Finder replacements OS X” and came across a NetTuts+ Tutorial.

I have installed it, and while it’s not a TF replacement exactly, it does have many of the most beloved and relied upon features, such as a hotkey for sliding the visor up from the bottom (be careful, they call it “Pinnable Windows” which sounds like TF’s Pinned Window, which is a totally different thing. It took a while to figure out that it was referring to the slide-up visor feature. It’s also got a lot of other TF features, but some of them are simply not working for me, such as “Folders on Top”. Nonetheless, it at least works in 10.11 as opposed to simply crashing/not launching a la TF right now.

But this gives me hope. If a lone developer can get so many of these features to work, I wonder if BinaryAge can’t refactor TF to fly under the radar and give us most of the functionality we have come to rely on?

I have just released TotalFinder 1.7.2 on beta channel:

And updated the website with instructions how to disable System Integrity Protection:

I have just released TotalFinder 1.7.3 on beta channel:

I’m going to release this one on the stable channel in a few hours.

i use the tweak to restore totalfinder
how can I reactive the original security?

To enable System Integrity Protection, you have to run csrutil enable in recovery mode.

Here you have documentation from Apple:

Not gonna upgrade for now. Do you think there’s any chance Apple will provide some sort of solution? Or maybe you can make a standalone app similar to TotalFinder?

I tried to work without TotalFinder for a couple of hours. It’s not possible. Default Finder lacks basic features, alternatives are either too obese or lack something as simple as switching quickview file with arrow keys. I better live without SIP than without TotalFinder. Please, don’t lose hope, maybe you can work with Apple on this, because “Folders on Top” is one of the most asked features for Finder, and they know it.


Just to answer your question. There is a 0.1% chance that Apple will provide some sort of solution. And 0% chance that I will make a standalone Finder replacement :wink:

Let’s hope that they know it. Folders on top was the primary reason why I bought TotalFinder, maybe Apple will implement it themselves? Should not be too hard…

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I just performed an upgrade to my Hackintosh using Clover and it has an option to partially disable SIP.

The setting most people seem to be using is:

0x0 = SIP Enabled (Default)
0x3 = SIP Partially Disabled (Loads unsigned kexts)
0x67 = SIP Disabled completely

Currently when I launch TotalFinder 1.7.3 it detects SIP as active when I have it set to 0x3. Is there anyway you can make it work with the minimal requirements for a Hackintosh install?

Well, here[1] I instruct users to disable only minimal part of SIP on a standard Mac setup, that --without debug is undocumented parameter reverse-engineered by hackintosh guys. TotalFinder needs code injection, which is enabled by allowing “TASK for PID” operation, not kext loading. It is the third bit:


TotalFinder needs code injection, which is enabled by allowing “TASK for PID” operation, not kext loading.

Setting CsrActiveConfig to 0x7 works great. Thanks darwin.

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