TotalFinder status under OS X 10.11 (El Capitan)


I did not re-enable SIP…

But TF works!


If you disable SIP, of course every app works without special system-files or other tricks.
But you loose the security!
So the goal should be to enable SIP (security!) AND make apps like TF and Xtrafinder work anyway if the user needs it.

The question is:
should I give up system security only to use an app like TotalFinder??

So in the meantime I’m waiting for Darwin to do the same trick with a special system-file which has to be installed with SIP deactivated, but which makes TF work after reenabling SIP.


I am also running TF with SIP disabled. As TF is a really handy part of my workflow, it takes precidence over SIP. My thinking here is that the latter is quite new, and I have managed thus far without it by being reasonably careful with my computer. It would be great to have it working along with TF, but for the moment it is just an unticked box, rather than a deal breaker.


@Donut4000 - I agree completely - TF is also integral to my workflow and I am very careful about security.
I hope to see a version in due course that gets around the problem…


I have just released TotalFinder 1.7.1:

Not that many changes. I managed to find a way how to reimplement Folders on Top. Unfortunately I still don’t have solution for column view mode.


Great news! Thanks!!!


Thanks for figuring out Folders on Top in El Capitan. That’s the biggest reason I use TotalFinder (and worth the price of TotalFinder by itself), and I was not looking forward to having to replace Finder with something else just to get that functionality. I don’t use column view, so I’m not affected by that particular limitation.


Folders on Top does not work on el Capitan B6 even after a reboot…
Or am I missing something/not doing something?


Please make sure you have TotalFindr 1.7.1 installed and you are not viewing your folders in Column Mode. Folders on Top works only for List View-based modes.


OK, thanks - I was in Column Mode (I’m sure the pre El Capitan version had folders on top in column mode?)
If you are thinking of further improvements then Folders on Top in column Mode would be top of my list…


I spent 2 days trying to figure Column Mode out. Ran out of ideas, will have to wait some time until I give it another try.


OK, :blush: - I guess spending time on working round the SIP issue is top of your list. Whilst waiting for the SIP fix I tried the other Finder alternatives and TotalFinder is just SO much better/easier to use…



Thanks now TotalFinder works and folders are on top but I want to know how to disable the annoying message when right click? :blush:


The sorting doesn’t seem to work now :confused:


I was attempting to disable System Integrity Protection on an El Capitan public beta 5 installation on the second partition on my 3T Fusion Drive and found that there was no Recovery Partition on the partition. The Recovery Partition that was available was the Internet online/download from Apple version and did not have the Security Configuration option. The EC install on the partition came from cloning an install from an external drive. EC copied over well but no Recovery Partition so I cannot disable SIP.

Complicating matters is you can only have 2 partitions on a Fusion Drive (why I don’t know). Therefore I do not even know if a Recovery Partition can be created or copied over. Curios though, Techtool Pro 8 did create their version of an emergency partition with no effects on the Fusion Drive.


  1. Does anyone know how to create a Recovery Partition without blowing everything away and starting a fresh install? I have a glacially slow Internet connection (averages 1-2 MB/sec) and it literally would take a day or two to download and install all 4 beta updates. Personal gripe: why can I not download the beta 5 installer so I can install on multiple machines without repeating the downloads?
  2. Does anyone know how to copy the Recovery Partition onto the Fusion Drive?
  3. Is there another way, perhaps using Terminal commands, to disable SIP?

Thanks all for any responses, Jim


Have you seen how Bartender is approaching SIP?


Yeah, the Bartender guys found a solution, hopefully Darwin and team will find a way for totalfinder too


I can gleefully report that TotalFinder v1.7.1 beta is up and running on my El Capitan beta 5 installation on my Fusion Drive. Yippie! :grinning: :grin: :smiley: :stuck_out_tongue:

For reasons undetermined, the Recovery HD created with El Capitan beta 5 did not include the security command to disable SIP. I spent hours and hours downloading this and that, trying many suggestions from other website bloggers. But then I was put onto the following.

On the Apple Developers website (Disable SIP using Terminal command.) are directions how to disable SIP using the /usr/bin/csrutil disable in Terminal. This is a great option for those who have discovered that your beta 5 installation removed the Security option under Utilities. Check it out.

BTW: Did I mention that I am gleeful? giddy? smiling?



The “problem” is no such for me. Com`on, i been using Os X since the first release. Never needed that rootless shit. Be careful, that´s all. TF rules!


From what I know unfortunately this is the only officially supported Finder extension: (and separate app is the only solution)