TotalFinder status under OS X 10.11 (El Capitan)

Will you develop a new version of TotalFinder which support OS X 10.11, I just buy TotalFinder several days ago and don’t want to turn off the SIP which seems to be important,I have no idea.

What bug?

No, I will not. For refunds please write to

In the Totalfinder 1.7.4, is the Automatically adjust widths in Column View not working now?

Quick question: if the technique used is “code injection”, couldn’t we just turn SIP on again and we won’t have a problem? Or does turning SIP on simple refreshes Finder and removes the foreign code?

I have to say that there will never be a TotalFinder replacement, as due to the fact that it uses Finder and not a separate app, it is/was unique.


In the our SIP page we describe how to turn SIP off only partially. --without debug flag means that only debugging-related functionality will be allowed. You still get SIP’s protection for filesystem, kernel extensions etc.

Particularly what we need is a way how to inject our code into Finder every time Finder is restarted. And for this SIP has to allow code injection. We could try to patch Finder’s binary while SIP is disabled and then enable it again. But users would have to do this with every system update. It would be a fragile solution. It would probably drive me mad dealing with customer support.

I understand. This is just terrible.

BTW - there is a slight bug I have encountered while disabling SIP and installing the new version of TF: the coloured labels didn’t mach after I updated. They highlighted the file exactly below the actual labeled file. I had to disable/enable the feature a few times in order to have it correct (no restart of OSX or Finder to do it). In any case a minor bug and now it seems to be alright. Just thought I should put it here.

Thanks for the quick reply and great support.

dual mode does not mirror sidebar on the right side

WHY? I NEED IT! Please, fix it… Thank you!

Thanks for reporting the bug. I can confirm it. I’m just working on it. Also there is a pretty serious problem with whole Folders on Top functionality. File View can get confused after adding/removing files and it no longer matches underlying filesystem. This is serious. Unfortunately I don’t have a good solution and I ran out of ideas. These parts were partially rewritten using modern Objective-C++ techniques, so it is much harder to make sense of the compiled code and hook into it.

A quick fix for labels glitch is to turn folders on top on and off again CMD+SHIFT+;.

I’ve spent several days on it and didn’t find a way how to implement it again in new Finder. It has low priority compared to issues in previous post.

I gave in this morning and got SIP disabled so I could reinstall Total Finder. PLEASE don’t discontinue this product. I found an article on about it and the consensus is that power users and developers will disable SIP because it’s too restrictive. To me, it reminds me of the sandboxing BS that makes iOS such a PITA to use (and which is why I use an Android phone).

Frankly, I can’t live without TotalFinder. The tabs are way better than the stock ones, and having all the folders ON TOP where they BELONG is a huge thing. I do own Forklift (which rocks) but for very basic file operations, Finder still works fine as long as TotalFinder is installed.

Hi there
Thanks for this great tool to work, make more easy the way i work with my files
yhis week i upgrade to El Capitan but i decide to go back yo Yosemite, only besause Total finder It is not fully compatible with this new operating system
When you think that you can have a version that works 100% ???
Thank you for your effort and hard work to this project

Thank you so much for making TotalFinder over the years. I came from windows about 6 years ago and was horrified by Finder and TF made using my mac bearable again. I’ve been looking at alternatives you suggested to TF but they’re all horrible. I’d happily pay again, hell even a yearly subscription to have a standalone TF available to replace finder. Please, please, please. Thanks again!!

same retina mac pro… no blurry. must be your background image.

Hi all,

I noticed that TF became very, very slow. After launching it I see the spinning wheel for a while (about 20 to 30 sec) before it reacts and displays a folder’s content. After that it reacts a bit faster, but not as fast as with Yosemite. When I copy a file with Cmd C and Cmd V it takes a while until it completes (even with files of very little size). I tried with partly and fully disabled SIP. No difference.

Does anybody have an idea how to solve this? Any idea very welcome.

BTW, Do I have to reinstall TF after disabling SIP? Could this make a difference? I haven’t tried yet because I don’t want to loose all my settings.

I refuse to be required to make the changes suggested in your “system tweak” to make Total Finder work on El Capitan – AND to he honest in my view you should not be advising users to do so.

99.99% if users are likely to be exactly like me – which is having absolutely NO Idea of what System Integrity Protection does and so also having no idea what the pros and cons are of enabling or (as you suggest) disabling it. Furthermore, your proposed tweak is no simple little thing for total novice users like me. I would be more likely to cause deep and unrecoverable damage to my system than to succeed.

I’m English so at this point I would normally ask you what ####, but your obviously nice folk so I won’t; but what I will ask you to do is to tell us when your team will have a version of Total Finder that works on El Capitan without any tweaks?

I’m sorry to disappoint you, but with very high probability there is no way how TotalFinder could be updated to work under El Capitan without messing with SIP.

I’m not suggesting disabling SIP. I’m suggesting you stop using TotalFinder:

Also on my licensing page, you should noted that you accept the risk of TotalFinder breaking with future Finder versions:

Since Snow Leopard,. I made best effort to keep TotalFinder updated with every new OS without charging existing customers for upgrade. It often meant re-implementing TotalFinder features by reverse-engineering new Finder again which is pretty hard work. But here with SIP we hit a wall. I’m sorry.


TotalFinder v1.7.5 is available on beta channel. Fixes bunch of problems under El Capitan:

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Wow! Folders on top in column view actually works! Thanks so much for spending time on getting this to work, it’s really, really appreciated. I just can’t get used to the default file/directory sorting on OSX, so here’s to another year of staying sane! Thanks

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Nice job!!!
Just sidebar on the outer side.