TotalFinder status under OS X 10.11 (El Capitan)

Sidebar mirroring in dual mode under El Capitan is back!

Please test v1.7.6:

You are the best!! Now I can finally update my main machine and office iMac to El Capitan!! Thank you very much!!

P.s. who cares about SIP :stuck_out_tongue:

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I also think running with csrutil enable --without debug isn’t that bad. You get all SIP features including filesystem protection and kernel extension checks, just except for code injection. Would be great if Apple could enhance the system in the future and allow more fine-grained control with csrutil. So you could for example specify that you allow only code injection from code signed by binaryage (me).

Typed ‘csrutil enable --without debug’ (as well as the ‘csrutil clear’) in the Terminal in Recovery mode.
Tried to reboot the machine - but did not succeed. The progress bar does not move (for 30+ minutes).
MB Pro (A1502) with Retina, 256 GB SSD.
Can run only recovery mode now.
Time machine copy and fast Wi-Fi (to reinstall El Capitan) are at home - and I’m on vacation.
Could you please suggest some decision?

Perfect !!!

This is unfortunate.

  1. First try to reset NVRAM:
    1.b) reboot normally

  2. Second try to boot in verbose mode
    You should see booting progress and many messages. When your booting stops, please write down last few lines and paste them here. This could be a hint what failed.

  3. Boot in safe mode:

  4. Boot in single-user mode:

Let us know what worked.

After booting in verbouse mode:


HVRAM was reset, but machine could not reboot after.
In safe mode - the same as in the ‘normal’ wake-up: no progress in progress-bar…

This looks bad. You have a kernel extension which is crashing. It is SyncMate from eltima.

If you have plugged in any external devices (USB mouse/keyboard etc.), unplug them.

If not, I could probably help you uninstall it from recovery mode. But you should go to Eltima first and try to ask their support. I’m here all day, drop me an email to in case of emergency.

A side note: I believe booting in safe mode should work. System is supposed to load only essential kernel extensions (from Apple). So it should not attempt to load SyncMate.

Thank you for your efficiency!
I’ve written to Eltima, but (as shown in their web site) they answer in 1-2 business days!
Actually, today I do not use SyncMate (was nessessary 1-2 years ago).
May be you’ll help me and we’ll delete this program now?

Please write to So we don’t spam this thread.

TotalFinder v1.7.7 is out on beta channel:

This release has new implementation of ColumnViewAutoWidth plugin. It turned out to be much simpler under El Capitan.

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Yeah you’re right, Apple should specify more parts of SIP that can be disabled -maybe disabling per-apps protection. Stopping using TF cause of this part of SIP is too drastic IMHO. In the last 2 days you made lots of improvements I think TF on El Cap has reached the level of Yosemite.

Well done! Congrats!

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First of all many thanks for the TotalFinder. It is very helpfull.

The «Folders first» sorting mode ceased functioning. Files and folders are sorted alphabetically instead, Latin names going first. It kept working properly under version 1.7.3. It stopped under v1.7.5 and is still malfunctioning under v1.7.7. (MacOS 10.11, Russian locale, MBP 13" mid 2012).

Thank you in advance.

Best regards,

Any chance the Folders on Top feature got disabled in your TotalFinder? Default shortcut is CMD+SHIFT+;.

I have just tested it here on my machine with 1.7.7 and Russian locale and it seems to work just fine.

Another daily update TotalFinder v1.7.8:

This one is a candidate for release to all on stable channel.

Great version… It seems to do the trick for me.

there are still some occasional issues with this version for the folder-on-top feature. Also the finder doesn’t show the right folders when clicking on “reveal in finder” a specific file from another application.

Hi Darwing,

Thanks the work done until now despite Apple’s new show stoppers (SIP). :smile:

Bug reporting:
As previously mentioned by email, the size of the column “Name” in list view goes back to default size once I move out of the folder despite that I adjust the length to the desired one. You once mentioned to me that it was an issue already identified, do you have this bug coming up in the list of those to be squashed?


I just noticed that if I double click on the edge of the column to resize the width to the longest file name, Total Finder will remember, but if I resize by dragging, then TF forgets. Is this value stored somewhere that can be used to address this bug?