TotalFinder suddenly dead a month after (finally) updating to Mojave

I’ve been using TF in Mojave for a month or so (waiting this long to update, fearing issues). Suddenly, it’s stopped working. The app’s icon appears in the menu bar (it’s included in system startup apps), but the visor no longer functions.

Checked the app’s pref’s and sure enough, all is set as it should be. SIP has been disabled all along, so nothing new there. Even tried uninstalling then reinstalling TF (using the TF uninstaller), but no joy.

Please advise.

Hi, this sounds like the symptoms I was experiencing. Basically TotalSpaces starts and is in the title bar but the layout (virtual screens) won’t show.

I fixed it by doing what I’ve outlined in another thread here.

Worth a try.

BTW, yes, know it’s TotalFinder you’re working on. Just do the same as I did with TotalSpaces but with the TotalFinder preferences.

Forgive me for the late response, but thank you, thank you!