TotalSpaces on 10.14 Mojave layout not displaying



I just upgraded to 10.14 yesterday on my iMac connected with an additional external Thunderbolt Display and could not get the layout to show any desktops. I tried multiple restarts, disconnecting the external display, restarting TotalSpaces to no avail. Funny thing is, it works fine on my MacBook Pro connected to an external display.

The layout window just shows a black screen with no grid and clicking on the row and columns or “Add desktops” just gives me the error window “Could not create all requested desktops. The system limit is 16 (plus specials)”

It’s like it’s stuck on 16 desktops even though I technically only have 1.

I am also running the latest version of TotalSpaces2 2.7.5.

A hint to what might be wrong is every time I restart total spaces I get a notification saying TotalSpaces2 failed to start and to check the system preferences > security & privacy > Privacy > Automation to make sure it can control the Dock than restart. I have done this several times and verified it can do this.


Same here. Sometimes it doesn’t boot up at all ;-(


Thanks for the report. It seems that sometimes the dock component doesn’t find everything it needs, I will try to figure out why.


It’s going to take a bit more time to solve this, but I am working on it (we understand the issue, but haven’t found a suitable workaround yet).


This version fixes a few bugs, including, I hope, this issue.

Release notes here:


Thanks! Seems to work now!


Somehow it broke again on my iMac. I will send an email with the console log.


It does not. News?