Totalfinder tabs in Mavericks


I always loved the tabs feature of TotalFinder, but now in Mavericks the standard Finder also has tabs. Is it possible to implement to choose wether you want to use the tabs feature of TotalFinder? Because having 2 different tab features in Finder is confusing.


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I’m going to implement a preferences switch which will disable TotalFinder-style tabs, this will also disable dual mode feature.

When you leave TotalFinder-style tabs enabled. Native tabs will have remapped keyboard shortcuts. So you don’t have to use them. There could be some scenarios where you want to use both TotalFinder and native tabs (for example in dual mode, native tabs are applied to individual sides of dual mode windows).

Under normal circumstances you will be using either native tabs only or TotalFinder’s tabs only.

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Hey Darwin,

Is there a pref switch now to disable the TotalFinder Tabs? I cannot find it

Normal Maverick Tabs are enough for me, using 1.4.29 on 10.9 GM

if I close finder window with some tabs open, I see after reopening the window:
1 TotalFinder Tab und 2 Maverick Tabs


Agreed. I’ll probably use Mavericks for tabs, but theres still so much about TotalFinder I’ll still use…invisible files, folders on top, etc. Please make it so we can disable TFs tabs. Thanks.

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While I think TotalFinder’s implementation of tabs is superior (Dual Mode especially is priceless!), you have to be sure it’s one or the other throughout. Right now, if you’re using TF tabs, Cmd-T creates a new TF tab (good), Cmd-double-clicking a folder icon opens a TF tab (yay), but if you Cmd-click an in the sidebar, it creates a new Mavericks tab. This is confusing at best. You need to capture those sidebar clicks to make it consistent.

I agree, there could be some situations where the user might want to mix Mavericks tabs and TF tabs; perhaps you could add an option to use the Option key to reverse the expected behavior. For instance, if TF tabs are disabled, Cmd-Opt-clicking in the sidebar would open a TF tab; if TF tabs are enabled, Cmd-Opt-clicking wold open a Mavericks tab.

Good catch. I will fix that one. I have already fixed that on several places, but didn’t fix all instances. General rule is to add OPT modifier to the original keyboard shortcut to open native Finder tab.

Darwin, may I ask when this feature will be implemented? I know it is possible because a lot of features of Total Finder were turned off during the beginning of Mavericks beta, including tabs. So please, can you implement the feature to turn off the Total Finder tabs. I see I’m not the only one requesting this. Not to be rude but it should not be that hard to implement. Why is it taking so long?

While Apple has finally implemented tabs in the Finder, the way it’s done is very basic at start.
For Safari I use the Glims plug-in to fix the tabs. Maybe you can implement parts of that into Totalfinder so when people wanna use native tabs instead of TF tabs they have some options;

  • disable wide tab labels
  • create new tab by doubleclicking in tabbar

Just thinking out loud here. I’ve no idea if Totalfinder can control native tab behaviour.

On the TF tabs side. I’d like to change the colored tab close button into a greyscale one (the rounded ones from previous Safari versions). I used to do this manually, but since a while TotalFinder will not launch anymore when I change these imagefiles in the resources.
Is that due to the codesigning in newer versions?

It’s nice to see the option to disable Tabs. I can live without Dual Mode, but why does it have to disable Visor too? Hopefully you can find a way to keep Visor with Mavericks tabs.


Hi Antonin. Thank you so much for working on this change, as for me it is the most constructive your could make. When Mavericks came out, I very much preferred the OS X style tabs (mostly used in Safari), but had to uninstall TotalFinder in order for those to be implemented on their own. However, I very much missed all the other features of TotalFinder that I previously used, especially folders at the top, the ability to see system files, coloured sidebar icons, and cut and paste on the shortcut menu (yes, I have been a long time Windows user before moving to OS X about 18 months ago). The combination is exactly what I needed, and so on realising today that 1.5.6 had been released, I immediately reinstalled it and am now very happy again. Thanks!!!

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is there any chance that TF could have a feature like if i have a one window opend the tap is hidden and when i press the (cmnd+t) the taps become visible ,its the same as the native osx but the problem is TF have so many features over the native and i really miss them when i disable this function.

Is this something that could be implemented for the Yosemeti release so that the transparent toolbar can be kept on?

Yes, I had to disable it with Chrome tab, because I wasn’t able to figure out how to make it work.

I will eventually work on it, but now I have more important problems to resolve.