Totalfinder triggers a rapidly opening/closing error message

When i try to open TotalFinder i get a window popping up saying “the last time you opened finder it unexpectedly quit while opening windows”. When i try to click on it, it disapears before i can. I checked in Activity Monitor and i see a totalfinder process, along with 2 finder processes. It seems like it’s crashing finder before it can open. If i kill totalfinder and all the other processes, finder will open. (the default finder)

I have the latest version.

I am having the exact same issue for months now. I had it before Mavericks. I upgraded to mavericks and then uninstalled and reinstalled TF and it seemed to help for a while, but Finder crashed again last night and this happened again. TF appears to relaunch after crash, but finder (and any finder dependencies like TF, Alfred) becomes very unstable. Clicking an l lose focus. A peek at Console shows what the OP noted…lots of attempts to open and then immediately close TF. This happens over and over for an indeterminate amount of time. Sometimes it fixes itself. Sometimes I have to force relaunch Finder.

1.5.2 should have fixed continuous crashing possibility. It was a bug in my TotalFinder “agent” background process. In some circumstances it would try to relaunch Finder + TotalFinder after Finder crash which caused loop of crashes.

Sorry for that.