TotalFinder update yesterday, Macbook not usable any more!

As my macbook pro with mojave have big troubles today, i remembered that yesterday totalfinder showed an update.
Currently all desktop finder icons are blinking, finder crashes all seconds, no apps can be started.

In 30 minutes I have a important online business meeting - nothing working now - I also cannot uninstall anything because everything crashes withing 2-3 seconds!

How can i uninstall this without being able to access any icon or folder??


Hi Chris,

I’m sorry to hear that.

did you resolve it?

TotalFinder should not inject itself again after crash. That is precisely to avoid continuous crashing scenario when crashes shortly after gets injected.

You could open and delete /Applications/ via a command-line rm -rf /Applications/, or running this line:

Unfortunately nothing worked… I think it was a problem with the 10.14.4 MacOS X Update … I had already deleted the plist file before I wrote my ticket. I had to restore the complete thing from Timemachine (I had 3 TM Backups, each did not work, because 1 single File of over 480GB had a “wrong permission bit” (Apple - after 17 years I slowly really begin to hate you) - after many rebooting and restoring attempts (over 24 hours) I managed to “hack into” the Timemachine backup and deleted the file… after another 5 hours of restoring my Macbook was running again… but I had 2 days of operating loss… :frowning:
After the restore process I DID NOT UPDATE TO 10.14.4 again.