TotalFinder work but app won't open

Hi, i just installed the app on my new Macbook pro M2
it worked I was able to configure everything, but i have disabled the top menu icon, and now when i want to go back to the settings, by opening the app, the app doesn’t open!
I can’t get back to the settings anymore since I disabled the top menu icon! I should have left it, now i don’t know how to get the app open again…
i have uninstall the app and reinstall it multiple times, it still doesn’t work…
i don’t know how to get it back…is there a ways to force it to show up in the menu bar again?

You can access it via two methods without the menu bar icon:

  1. There is a TotalFinder settings menu added to the Finder menu bar: screenshot
  2. Open Finder and hit cmd + , to bring up Finder’s preferences. TotalFinder adds their settings to Finder’s built-in menu.

Ah! thanks for the tips! now i get access to the settings! great that there was a shortcut there
thanks a lot!