TotalFinder + Yosemite + Column width


File name column width (in List View) always resets when I restart the computer. It doesn’t remember the last width I set. Does anyone else have this problem?

I believe that the width of the name column was a Finder bug and not a TotalFinder bug. I now have the final release of Yosemite 10.10 installed with TotalFinder 1.6.12 and no longer have that problem. Are you running the latest versions?

Thats odd. I have the same Yosemite and TotalFinder version as you have. Maybe I should try to delete Finder and TotalFinder plist files and see if that helps.

That didn’t help. I uninstalled TotalFinder, removed all of the Finder and TotalFinder plist files, reboot, and installed TotalFinder again. Yosemite’s Finder without TotalFinder didn’t have this column size problem.

It seems that the initial column size is narrow, but when I change the folder, the file name column changes/restores to the one was set. And when I press back button the column on the previous folder is also restored to the normal width.

JimSD: Do you have Visor enabled? I don’t know if that matters, but I use Folder’s on top and Visor.

I don’t use Visor but I do have folders on top. Issues like this can be so annoying to solve. I don’t know what else to suggest other than a complete reinstall of Yosemite. Maybe Finder is corrupt. I know that is a drastic move and time consuming so maybe you should wait to see if other have any ideas.

This problem occurs also on my other Mac. Previously on Mavericks it did work on both of my Macs.

I created a new user profile for testing and the problem exists there also. And deleting the .DS_Store’s didn’t help.

Dev: Any ideas?

I have the same problem.
Fresh installed Yosemite without TotalFinder and Finder is working fine but when I install TotalFinder the problem with the column width occures.

Same problem here (in Visor). Column width is not remembered at all, and it reverts to very narrow columns in list view when I reopen TotalFinder after closing the final tab. However, when opening a folder within a TotalFinder window with narrow columns, the behaviour is resolved and the new folder is displayed with proper column distance. Opening a new tab, regardsless of column status in the previous tab, always results in a tab with narrow columns.

Yep - I’m having the same issue. When I open TotalFinder in list view (which is what I default to, as it is what I use 90%+ of the time), the name column is very narrow. I can widen it without issue; however, when I close the finder window (i.e. when I don’t just minimize it), the next time I open TotalFinder, the name column has gone back to being very narrow.

If there is not a way to make sure the name column stays wider by default (i.e. it stays whatever width it was the last time you closed it), that would be an extremely welcomed change/update, as it is quite annoying to have to resize the name field in list view every single time we open TF.