TotalFinder Yosemite (release) partial crash?

I am running Yosemite (release) and TotalFinder and am having what I would call a partial crash of TotalFinder. The top titlebar above the tabs disappears and you can see the program below. When that happens you can’t move the finder window or use the max/min/close icons or bring the TotalFinder window forward. It requires a force quit of finder and then a restart of TotalFinder. I just updated to the current Beta of TotalFinder 1.6.13 and the issue is still occurring. FYI my MBPr had the latest version of Mavericks on it and was then upgraded to the Yosemite (release) version. Thoughts?

I have the same behaviour/issue and that’s also the only remediation i have found…force quite/relaunch + restart of TF