TotalSpace automatically switches spaces

I have 16 desktops with the latest total space. Some times when I working on one space, for example space 3, it suddenly switch to, let’s say space 1. So far I have not observed any pattern yet. But when working withwith Finder+Totalfinder, when I doing file operations on one space, it would switch to another space which also has a total finder window open.

I have disabled Transitions in Total Spaces.

And I googled about space switching, I have left System Preferences - Mission Control - Automatically rearrage spaces based on most recent use unticked.

Any ideas?

For example, I have opened Total finder in multiple spaces, and I’m in Space 9, working on a total finder window and deleted some files, then i click on the Trash to empty trash, it automatically switched to another space, let’s say space 4 where there is also a total finder window, and show me the empty trash confirmation message in space 4, instead of the total finder space 9 i was working on