TotalSpace automatically switches spaces

I have 16 desktops with the latest total space. Some times when I working on one space, for example space 3, it suddenly switch to, let’s say space 1. So far I have not observed any pattern yet. But when working withwith Finder+Totalfinder, when I doing file operations on one space, it would switch to another space which also has a total finder window open.

I have disabled Transitions in Total Spaces.

And I googled about space switching, I have left System Preferences - Mission Control - Automatically rearrage spaces based on most recent use unticked.

Any ideas?

For example, I have opened Total finder in multiple spaces, and I’m in Space 9, working on a total finder window and deleted some files, then i click on the Trash to empty trash, it automatically switched to another space, let’s say space 4 where there is also a total finder window, and show me the empty trash confirmation message in space 4, instead of the total finder space 9 i was working on

same problem here

Same problem here

Here’s a pattern I’ve observed:


  • There’s a problematic application. Determining which one is difficult; however, let’s say it’s Calendar.
  • Desktop 11 has Messages; Desktop 12 has Calendar
  1. Focus Messages
  2. Focus Calendar (via hotkey, Cmd + Space search -> select application – however)
  3. Focus Messages again (either directly, or with the shortcut setup for Switch to previous space
  4. Desktop 11 (with Messages) briefly appears; it then quickly reverts to Desktop 12 with Calendar
  5. At this point, if Calendar is explicitly clicked and then Messages is focused OR Desktop 11 is switch to, the issue is gone

I’ve been struggling with this / trying to replicate it / trying to fix it ever since Catalina came out. I usually just logout/login (or restart); these steps are the first pattern I’ve been able to properly observe.